Rey-Mar Inspection and Marine Services which was established in Iskenderun Gulf/Turkey.

Our company has a staff of experts and company’s founders and employees which has worked many years at marine trade , have skills and experience at marine industry over 13 years of knowledge.

Our company, has all knowledge in the light of marine survey industry, has a dynamic structure to meet the needs within the international rules.

Honesty, not to compromise the principle of impartiality and credibility to take our place in the industry, to provide fast and quality service in today’s technological enhancements to our customers, which are looking for and expect quality service.

“For us” the privilege of our company from others, to our attention that we determine how our slogan “feel in safe”.

This is such a serious and assertive motto of today’s trading conditions to fulfill the terms of use, and not every company can carry ease.
This is also a clear testimony of our seriousness.

Our Company is based in Iskenderun, we have given professional service to our valued customers, in needed other Turkish Ports, and continues to provide many of the valued customers.